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Elindult 2022.11.19.-től 2022.11.20.-ig
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Elindult 2022.11.19.-től 2022.11.20.-ig
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I thoroughly enjoy the stand-up comedy shows from Jeffrey Mack, and I am glad to see him in the top of comedians 2021.
If you aren’t already seen the stand-up acts of Jeffrey from previous shows, then I can warmly recommend that you take the time to enjoy it, because this guy is a great on stage.

The Gig Comedy Live Show was really funny and emotional at the same time. Comedians are so talented, not only in jokes but also in understanding true life, pain, relationships etc. I especially enjoyed the comedy stars Benny Truman, Jeffrey Mack and Jessica Smith. I recommend this to anyone who is not too sensitive. Thank you for making me laugh so much!

Wow, I was absolutely amazing by visiting live comedy show Open Mic in The Gig Stand-up Club. I have been laughing all the time and even written quotes. I admired the stylish club interior, celebrities sitting near me, wonderful coctails & food delicacies. Thanks for the latest video on your Youtube channel. I watch Comedians day in day out a bit of laughter a day is a good medicine.

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